Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom

lf I could scream, “Love Your Body!” from the rooftops, I would! But is anyone listening?

I became a yoga instructor and wellness coach to help people, particularly women,  to connect to their body, be comfortable in their body, and to love their body!  I try to lead by example, being comfortable in my own skin, yet also sharing my struggles. Every day I share messages of body love and radical acceptance.

But it’s rough out there!  And yet, I PERSERVERE!

Our media driven culture has encouraged women that it’s fun to bond over body loathing rather than body loving, to crave the next diet fad (which of course is never called a diet) rather than trust their own hunger cues, and to move their body for the purpose of weight-loss rather than moving to connect, feel and be in their bodies.

For many women, controlling what they eat and how they eat it, is the most satisfying part of their day.  Stories of weight-loss goals, successes and failures become the topic of conversation to avoid talking about what really matters – happiness.  Losing weight won’t make you happy – it may not even make you healthy.  And one thing is for sure – obsessing over calories and points will make you crazy.

At least once a month, I am asked how many calories a yoga class burns. The truth? I have absolutely no idea! I do not practice yoga to burn calories. I do not move to lose weight. I practice yoga and move my body to experience living in my body – to honor my body, to give my body a sacred space to feel everything that I am feeling with unconditional acceptance.

So if you’re tired of believing that weight-loss will lead to happiness, if you’re sick of every Sunday night telling yourself you’ll start your diet of Monday, begin ACCEPTING YOUR BODY’S WISDOM next Sunday, September 22,from 4-6:30 at Downtown Yoga, with myself and Jill Daniels, RD. We will embark on a journey of teaching, sharing and exploring the amazing gifts that come with ACCEPTING YOUR BODY’S WISDOM!  I plan to continue to blog about this journey as we share our experience, strength and hope.

If you’re struggling with the messages of our culture, have been taught and encouraged to self-loathe instead of self love, please join us as we grow and learn how to listen, feel and truly be in our bodies.

Register at Downtown Yoga

And if you’re still listening….LOVE YOUR BODY!!!

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