“Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!”

“Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!”

“How rude?!! I would never say that to someone!”

It would certainly be impolite,  appalling and down right mean to say this to someone else, even a stranger, right? And yet, we say things like this to ourselves all the time! We call ourselves fat, ugly, loser, chubby, and stupid everyday – sometimes even more than once a day. We say it to ourselves when we are trying on clothes, when we are looking in the mirror, when we are touching our body, even when we are moving in a yoga class.

During our first Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom workshop, we asked our tribe of Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom participants to introduce themselves with their ‘go to’ word that they use to describe themselves when they are unsatisfied with their bodies. We then asked other participants to say hello back such as “Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!”

Grimaces and tension filled the room.

“Why would I say such horrible things to myself when it feels so crummy to say it to somebody else….And there is no way that girl thinks she’s a loser.”

If it seems so incredulous that someone else would think such mean and untrue things about themselves,  could it possible that our beliefs about ourselves may also just be our own perspective and not always based in reality?

We then ask our participants to reintroduce themselves with a word that they use to describe themselves when they are comfortable in their bodies, or at the very least how they would like to feel living in their bodies.

“Hello Graceful, nice to meet you!”

Smiles and giggles all around.

“What might it be like to tell myself everyday that I am beautiful and strong? Maybe if I say it over and over again, just like I’ve been telling myself all that mean stuff,  I will really start to believe that I am happy and free!”

We hope that our Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom (AYBW) tribe begins to realize that our body image – The picture you have of your own self in your
mind, how you believe others perceive you and how you feel living in your body –
is our identity.

As you journey toward Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom, I hope you begin to realize it is not only possible, but empowering to replace your negative body image identity (I am so fat) with a more positive, empowering body image identity ( I am graceful and happy!).

REMEMBER – A positive body image is not dependent on the size or shape of your body, but rather your mindset and perspective. The more you tell yourself encouraging, empowering and thoughtful words, the more you will begin to believe it!

If you would like more information about AYBW or tips on improving your body image, please contact me at dancingyoga444@yahoo.com for upcoming workshops and events.

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