there’s ALWAYS time and space for YOGA

“I don’t have time to fit in a yoga practice”

“I’m too tired to practice yoga. I just want to take a nap instead”

“I couldn’t make it to the yoga studio this week, so I couldn’t practice at all”

Have you heard yourself or others repeating these types of statements?

Here’s the thing – yoga is so awesome that you can STILL practice, regardless of how tired you are or how much time you have – because YOUR YOGA PRACTICE CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE TODAY!

There is ALWAYS enough time, energy and space for your practice.  The problem isn’t having enough time, space or energy – but rather the limiting construct that has come to define yoga that simply isn’t true.

How do you define your practice? Is it only a true practice if it’s at a yoga studio with your favorite teacher? Do you have to practice for an hour and a half to have it matter? Does it only count if you do enough sun salutations to work up a sweat?

What if one or two poses were enough to make your practice truly matter and count? You may think you need an hour  to practice yoga, but I promise you a 5-10 minutes practice will make all the difference in your day, your attitude and your energy level.  Try this simple sequence when you’re short on time. This sequence can be done anywhere as it doesn’t require you to sit on the floor.  It does allow you to ground, energize and open up.

Tadasana (mountain pose) > Virabhadrasana I on each side (warrior 1)  > Standing Yoga Mudra

Still think you don’t have enough time? How about just ONE POSE?  You can choose any one pose –  from a basic mountain pose to a challenging handstand – as long as you are clear in your intention and focused on the breath it will be a real, true practice – one that matters and counts!

Sure your one pose could be a challenging pose like headstand or warrior III, but it could always be a relaxing, supportive pose like supine bound angle position (see below).  If you find yourself too tired to practice, try restorative poses. They require virtually no effort and are designed to “re-boot” your nervous system and balance out your body.  Practicing this form of yoga will give immediate results by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, loosen up joints and even boost the immune system. Remember – when you are truly too tired to practice, you don’t have to do an hour and a half vinyasa yoga sweat session in order to still practice yoga. A restorative yoga practice counts just as much and if not more!

restorativeSo could five or ten minutes of yoga really make that big of a difference? ABSOLUTELY!

I challenge you to integrate even just one pose every day into your life.  Not enough time?  Practice just two poses for a 5 minute sequence. Too tired? Try a restorative pose that will leaving you feeling relaxed, restored and refreshed.

Remember – yoga isn’t just one style, one format. It can truly be whatever you want it to be so that it meets your needs, wants and desires.

There’s ALWAYS time, energy and space for a practice, if we are open and willing to let it be enough.

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