The ‘F-Word’

I have been thinking a lot lately about the F-word (FAT!). How has it come to take on such a negative connotation that seems to be equivalent with words like lazy, sloth, and worthless?
After all, fat is just a description to describe a shape. For example, when I look in my upper cupboard where I store all my glassware, I can find tall, short, narrow, wide, thin and even fat glasses! Is the narrow thin glass more superior to the wide fat glass? Of course not!
Ironically, society has deemed that instead of the word fat, we use the word ‘politically correct’ word ‘overweight’ – which actually implies more judgment than when we just use the word fat to describe someone who is in fact just that – fat. Overweight implies that someone is over and beyond the standard of what is ‘good’ or ‘normal’ and how can we really judge what is good, normal or better yet, comfortable for someone’s body.
To make assumptions about someone – whether about their health, wellness, personality or attitude – just because they are fat, thin, tall or short is a complete waste of time and energy.
Likewise, when some body – tall, fat, thin, or short – walks into a yoga class, what judgments do you make about them? Do you assume a tall, lean, thin body is a more capable and advanced yogi than a short, fat, wide body?
Today is a great day to recognize and increase your awareness surrounding your own prejudices and judgments that you may have about others bodies or your own. If you’re a yoga instructor, make note of how you treat different size bodies, perhaps giving special treatment to some body’s while ignoring others. If you’re a student, note your expectations of a fellow yogi before a class as even begun.
Questions to consider:
Am I completely comfortable with the shape of my body?
Do I have any desire to change the shape of my body?
Do I judge other people’s bodies as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than my own?
What judgments or stereotypes do I associate with different body types(my own or others) – fat, thin, narrow, wide, tall, short?
Attached is an article about yoga studios across the United States that are reclaiming the word fat.
What does this article bring up for you?

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