Weighing In…

Learning to change the habit of weighing yourself is a challenging one to break. You may start by throwing away the scale in your bathroom, deliberately avoiding the scale at the gym and of course, requesting to not be weighed at the doctor’s office. “Wait, I can do THAT?”  Yes!  If weighing yourself is triggering in any way and by doing so you’re actually harming your health by increasing your stress and cortisol levels, you as a patient, have every right to not be weighed at the doctor’s office. scale After all the effort you’re putting into Accepting your Body’s Wisdom, do not let your doctor’s visit upset your journey to acceptance. If your doctor insists on weighing you, ask why.  If your visit is due a sinus infection or runny nose, what exactly does that have to do with your weight??  Create an open dialogue with your healthcare professional and express your concerns about being weighed and request that unless you both agree, no weighing in will take place.  If a weigh in must occur, you can always turn away from the scale so that you can not see the number.


Your mental, emotional and spiritually health are more important than the number on the scale.  Don’t let a number put your journey to accepting your body’s wisdom on hiatus.  You matter so much more than that!

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