“There is a season – turn, turn, turn”

Fall is upon us. I can feel it when I am driving home at 7pm and the sun is dipping behind the foothills, whereas a month ago it was still shining bright and harsh in my eyes. The evenings are cooler, schools are back in session and even Halloween decoration are already on display in stores.  For some there is the anticipation of ‘sweater weather’, cozy meals in the crock pot, and fall leaves.  For others, Fall means fear. Fear of candy corn in October and pumpkin pie in November.

I have noticed an unfortunate trend toward utilizing the month of September as a ‘cleanse’ of Summer’s ‘guilty pleasures’ and a ‘shedding’ of layers in preparation for Fall.  The belief that one needs to ‘cleanse’ or  ‘shed’ the body in preparation for a new season, is a damaging one. It leads us to feel inadequate, not good enough and keeps us in the perpetual cycle of fighting against our bodies.

Instead, turn toward your unique BodyWisdom. I promise, if you begin to listen closely, it will have important messages to share with you about how to best take care of YOU!

body 2

Tips for Turning Toward a New Season with BodyWisdom

  • When you feel compelled or persuaded to start a ‘cleanse’, remind yourself that cleansing is something you do to your hands before you eat. It has nothing to do with how you eat! Your body is perfectly capable of cleansing itself from the inside out via your internal organs.  Trust your body, not products!
  • When you’re being convinced you should  ‘shed’ those extra layers to make room for candy corn and pumpkin pie, be gentle with yourself. Offer a kind thought to your body, such as “My body requires no changes. I can enjoy the pleasures of Fall as I am”.  And then think about snakes. Yes, snakes. Snakes shed. Not humans…
  • Notice when you’re judging yourself! We often think we are simply motivating ourselves, when we are actually judging ourselves harshly. The opposite of judgment is BodyWisdom. BodyWisdom is patient, kind and thoughtful. Notice when you are saying things like:
    “I’ve got to get back on track…”
    “I really fell out of my routine..”
    “I had a really great summer, but back to the gym!”
  • Let BodyWisdom be your guide. Need some help hearing the messages? Sign up for Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom this October at http://www.pleasantonyoga.com

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