Odds Are

“Odds are we gonna be alright, odds are we gonna be alright tonight
Sure things go wrong, but I’ll take my chances
Odds are long, so why not play?”
Barenaked Ladies “Odds Are”

A dear friend recently looked me in the eye and said “It’s okay to go, before you know”. Hearing these words, practically knocked the wind out of me, as it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment – I still need to breathe those words in every day.

I remember being in kindergarten and watching a drowning prevention video before the start of summer that showed the image of someone standing on a cliff over looking the water, about to jump in.  Unknown to the jumper but revealed to the viewer were the dangerous rocks hidden under the surface. That image has always stayed with me. I’m a “look before you leap” kind of girl – and I tend to look again and again and again until I’ve driven myself and everyone around me crazy.  Even when I’ve made sure there are no rocks below the surface, I doubt myself and become too afraid to jump at all.

After years of being asked “Are you staying in California?”, “Are you moving back to Florida?”, to which we  often replied “We don’t know!”, we’ve taken a HUGE leap of faith and are making peace with going before we know.

We have decided to move our family of three to Florida, where Kassidy, now six months, can be closer to her grandparents and cousins.

When we made the decision to go, nothing seemed to make sense – so much was unknown and my world felt completely upside down. In a very short amount of time, we found out that we were pre-approved to buy a house in Florida and sent my parents on a house hunt, not expecting to actually find something we loved enough to buy “sight unseen”. Well, the second home my parents viewed was “the house to beat”. After a virtual tour of the home, we took our biggest leap yet and put an offer in on the house without ever stepping foot in it ourselves. Less than 24 hours later, our offer was accepted and we are now on our way to becoming homeowners in Florida. Go before you know? YUP!

I’m not advising diving into dangerous waters without proper evaluation first. After all, we did our homework on the type of house we wanted and the location we wanted to be in, but knowing when the research is completed, the information gathered, it’s okay to take the leap, even if it doesn’t feel totally safe – sometimes it just needs to be safe enough to test the waters, then dive in!

Odds are we gonna be alright!

Living and teaching yoga for the past 12 years in three different states, never have I encountered such an amazing community as Pleasanton. My heart is filled to the brim just thinking of all the dedicated, passionate and kind students and teachers who have become my dearest friends. These last 7 years, Pleasanton has been our home. The gratitude I have for this community is simply overwhelming. My personal and professional life has truly been changed forever knowing each and everyone one of you.

Much love and gratitude,


P.S  I am continuing my BodyWisdom Coaching business in Florida and would love to work with you over the phone/skype (the beauty of technology is that we can be connected from anywhere!) Let’s get started today with a coaching session. Check out http://www.elisamott.com for more info. or reply to this email to set up a session!

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