“Everchanging and vital, but never perfectible”

If ever you’ve joined me for practice at Downtown Yoga or heard me speak at conferences, then you know I love an inspiring or thought provoking reading or poem at the end of a class. The last few years, I have thoroughly been enjoying reading The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, given to me by aContinue reading ““Everchanging and vital, but never perfectible””

Little ‘t’ Traumas – continuing the journey to AYBW

The teacher shaming you in front of the class. Being told you can’t eat breakfast in the morning if you don’t eat your dinner tonight.  Your best friends laughing at you – not with you. These are all example of little ‘t’ traumas.  We know that big ‘T’ traumas like car accidents, abuse, and surgeryContinue reading “Little ‘t’ Traumas – continuing the journey to AYBW”

“Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!”

“Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!” “How rude?!! I would never say that to someone!” It would certainly be impolite,  appalling and down right mean to say this to someone else, even a stranger, right? And yet, we say things like this to ourselves all the time! We call ourselves fat, ugly, loser, chubby, and stupidContinue reading ““Hello Fatty, nice to meet you!””

Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom

lf I could scream, “Love Your Body!” from the rooftops, I would! But is anyone listening? I became a yoga instructor and wellness coach to help people, particularly women,  to connect to their body, be comfortable in their body, and to love their body!  I try to lead by example, being comfortable in my own skin, yet alsoContinue reading “Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom”