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Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom(AYBW):Nutrition, Yoga, and Body Image
Created and faciliated by Elisa Mott, Ed.S, NCC, E-RYT 500 & Jill Daniels, MS, RD, CSSD.

Are you ready to trust, accept and befriend your body? Is it finally time to heal your relationship with food, break free from the pain that keeps you stuck and begin Accepting Your Body’s Wisdom?

In this cutting-edge workshop you will learn:

How to enjoy food and honor your hunger
How to eat and move intuitively
The benefits of mindful eating
Ways to break free from the cycle of emotional eating
How to improve your relationship with your body and learn to love yourself!

“I learned to stop beating myself up after indulging…”
“I loved the feeling of community, knowing others go through the same struggles”

“I learned to dig deep, find out what I really need and give that to myself instead of mindlessly eating”