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Embracing Change

Hello! Some of you, I speak to nearly every day, while others haven’t heard from me since my last post in January. For those, in the latter group, I apologize for my gap in communication with you. Please know that while I do not write my blog posts nearly as often as I once did, I think of you often.

I am primarily writing today to announce that our family of 3 is growing! We are expecting our second baby girl on July 16 – yes, very very soon!

And while I have been quite focused on planning & preparing for “baby sister”, what I have noticed most of all is how differently I am responding to this major change in my life and family.  Despite all the unknowns about what it will be like to be a mom of two, I truly trust that I will be okay and that the resources and support that I need during this time of change, will be there for me. This has certainly not always been the case for me. Change and uncertainty has been really, really tough. I used to “brace” for change, gripping to what I knew, holding on to what was familiar and comfortable. “What if…” became quite a familiar sentiment.

Gratefully, my practice of yoga, mindfulness, radical acceptance as well as marriage & motherhood have shown me how to “embrace” change rather than “brace” for it.

Over the last few weeks in my yoga classes, I have found myself guiding students to “soften” in their poses – physically, mentally and emotionally. Something in me has softened enough to trust the unknown and expand my heart to all the possibilities that are ahead.

Are you gripping to a belief, thought or feeling that keeps you stuck? Is there room to soften around it and give yourself permission to trust.

What would it be like to EMBRACE CHANGE?

I would absolutely love to hear from you and find out how you’re doing!

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My Blog

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

“The only thing constant is change”…we’ve all heard the cliche.  And while I know that change is inevitable, it is often quite irresistible to fear it, enticing to resist it and tempting to control it.

My husband and I have now lived in Northern California for 6 years. Those that know us know that every year we discuss moving back East to be closer to family. We also discuss committing to staying in California and buying a home. Yet, year after year, I become overwhelmed by the fear of change, resist it and choose to stay put, resigning our rental lease and keep doing what what we’ve done before.

“If ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I’m realizing more and more this tends to be a life motto for me – why rock the boat when everything is just fine? As I approach 37 weeks of pregnancy, I am noticing more than ever my philosophy to stick to what I now know. “I’ve got this pregnancy thing figured out – I enjoy it, I feel healthy and happy, I am still able to work and play. After 9 months of being pregnant, I’m basically an expert at it – so why change things now? Isn’t there an option to resign my baby’s lease?” Of course, just 9 months ago, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant and yet here I am completely attached to being pregnant and now can’t imagine not being pregnant. How quickly we adapt, adjust and settle in to what once felt so new. Yet, our fear tells us again and again we will never get used to something new and different.

Of course, I am excited to meet my baby girl, but with meeting her comes a whole new world and a really, really big change! One that I can not resist and have absolutely no control over! She is coming whether I am ready or not. I can prepare and plan, rest and clean…or not…either way she is coming on her own time and in her own way. She is in charge, not me.

In a way, this is actually a huge relief. I don’t have decide anything. I have even found myself less and less attached to my due date – she will come when she’s ready, all I need to do is keep breathing and enjoy the precious moments left during my first pregnancy. I choose to let go into the unexpected journey ahead and embrace the change.

Something tells me this might be a very, very helpful lesson in motherhood…

Where does resistance to change show up in your life? When do you feel tempted to control change? How have you embraced change? I would love to hear from you.