Eating is Messy

Eating – it’s something we have to do to survive and yet it often becomes so complicated. I remember when I started teaching yoga in the evenings around dinner time. I struggled with “When do I eat? Before yoga and risk feeling too full and uncomfortable in the poses? After yoga when I’m tired andContinue reading “Eating is Messy”

Restoring Vulnerability

Restoring Vulnerability This month, I continue to find myself repeating, discussing and reviewing two words: Restoration and Vulnerability. Restoration – the act or process of returning something to its original or improved condition by repairing it, cleaning it, etc.  As we begin to transition from winter to spring, I find that I am in need ofContinue reading “Restoring Vulnerability”

Community of Compassion

This past weekend, I had the immense privilege to attend and present at the 25th Annual Renfrew Center Conference in Philadelphia. I could go on and on about the unbelievable presenters and how much I learned about eating disorders, trauma, feminism, and quantum physics  (pretty awesome conference, huh?), but instead I will say simply that IContinue reading “Community of Compassion”