“Elisa has been instrumental in my family’s health in every way: body, mind and soul. She is an expert in eating disorders. For the last several years Elisa has been my daughter’s BodyWisdom Coach, providing her with mind, body and soul work including yoga, Reiki, meditation and coaching. I truly believe Elisa was instrumental in my daughter’s journey from living a life with a life-threatening eating disorder to one as a happy, well-adjusted, thriving young woman. Lastly, when we learned Elisa was moving across the country, instead of trying to find someone new, Elisa has successfully maintained her work with my daughter via phone sessions which include distance Reiki and all the elements of coaching that continue to help my daughter maintain positive mental and physical health. Elisa is a blessed gift to our family.” Jen

“I sometimes eat when not hungry, and occasionally continue long after I am full. Several months ago, I would really beat myself up for it. Negative voices would fill my head leading to periods of depression, more overeating, and excruciating self-loathing.  Each week when I have my phone call session with Elisa, I am able to speak with her openly and honestly about my week’s issues—food and un-food related, because some how they are all related right?  Elisa helps me find my way to the deepest root of the issue and provides mindfulness, meditative, cognitive solutions, as well as helping me to develop my very own kind, supportive voice in my head.” Lisa

“The biggest revelation when working with Elisa was when she heard me tell my tale of abusive overeating for the first time, and told me now go home and do nothing.  Just observe how you feel and we will talk more next time.  Elisa showed me how trying to control or have a physical solution for every bad feeling does not need to be the solution.  There is great freedom is doing nothing!  Elisa is helping me to find a healthy relationship with food that is also kind.  This is not a lose weight fast gimmicky program.  This is a how to thrive in your real body in real life program.” Barbara

“Elisa has helped me to see that food is just food and not evil.  I could not ask for a better guide.  I can honestly say that I love myself more today in the exact size I am, then when I had lost many, many pounds of myself only to retain the self-loathing.  I now look at myself with love, empathy, and hope.” Lyn

“Elisa has taught me patience with myself and that my body is not my enemy, a true revelation for me. I learned to stop beating myself up after indulging and instead to dig deep, find out what I really need and give that to myself instead of mindlessly eating” Sara

“Elisa is very knowledgeable and insightful.  Her instruction is easy to follow and she cues poses with great timing.  She is very present with her students and is so approachable if you have questions about the practice.  Elisa has a passion for music and takes the time and effort to prepare playlists played during class.  For me, this is an added bonus to my practice.  She is an amazing instructor, with a fun sense of humor and I feel very fortunate to benefit from her expertise.” Jamie

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