Work with Elisa

Weekly Phone SessionsUnlimited Email & Text SupportFree Access to Online Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation TrainingEvaluation and Assessment of current eating and body concerns

BodyWisdom is your innate authentic intuition.

Utilizing 3 principles: Awareness, Acknowledgement & Acceptance and Compassionate Action, BodyWisdom guides you towards a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

You already have BodyWisdom within you.

As a HAES (Health At Every Size) Advocate and an Intuitive Eating Coach, I will support you in discovering and trusting BodyWisdom.

BodyWisdom Coaching is a BodyPositive, Non-Diet Approach to help you:

Be a Mindful and Intuitive Eater Break free from yo-yo dieting, binge & emotional eating, restrictive and disordered eating and discover ease in your relationship to food.

Build a Positive Body Image Learn to recognize and transform the self-talk that sabotages a loving relationship with your body.

Live a Balanced Life Develop specific mindfulness skills to help you grow in your relationships and career. 

are you ready